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Inside Title PageHunting Old Snowbeard’s Gold” by Eleanor Mell traces an old Arizona folktale to separate historical fact from gilded fiction

PHOENIX – “Hunting Old Snowbeard’s Gold” (ISBN 1469950200) by Eleanor Mell is a historic non-fiction work that explores the tale of a late-19th century Arizona man, Jacob Waltz, also known as Old Snowbeard and The Dutchman, who paid for a simple general store purchase with some of the richest gold in the history of the West.

“People from all walks of life have tried to find the rich gold ore hidden somewhere in the Superstition Wilderness of Arizona,” says Mell. “Some even say that Waltz and his gold are a myth, that they never existed. Records show that Old Snowbeard lived and witnesses say he struck it rich.”

Legend has it that Old Snowbeard hid a trove of that same gold near the general store, and treasure-hunters and history buffs alike have spent more than 100 years looking for “The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.” Mell’s book takes readers from the birth of the myth through decades of famous search efforts, culminating in one of Arizona’s 2012 Centennial Celebrations.

Mell’s book serves as both a unique look into a legend of the Wild West and as an exciting history book intended for readers of all ages. She offers a glimpse at the folktale from a different perspective than other accounts of Old Snowbeard by following through to the most recent searches and giving chronological context for each quest.

“Hunting Old Snowbeard’s Gold” is available in paperback and e-book format at and other channels.


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