Thank You Mom

My First Christmas

Just a little note to say,
I’m grateful for the gift you gave:
A loving home, a place to start
Upon this life, you did to me depart.

Without your loving care to see
Through troubled times I could not be.
No matter where I place my hat,
I’ll always know that we can chat.

The little things you send my way,
Help brighten up the gloomy days.
I have in me the strength you gave,
When as a child I saw you brave.

Even through the thorns and weeds,
You did your best and prayed for me.
The seed did blossom as it grew,
You gave me life and I thank you.


One comment

  1. […] Although my Mother had six kids, all with unique talents, she nurtured my creative side. Many years back, she gave me pictures, school papers, the outfit she made to take me home from the hospital, my Christening clothes, and the Baby Album she created. She did this for each of her children. After thanking her for the treasured gift, I wrote the poem, Thank You Mom. […]


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