The Song

by Eleanor Mell

The bird song the human song,
How alike yet different.

1238700417994717815papapishu_Baltimore_oriole.svg.medThe birds they sing a fluttering song,
Sometimes high, sometimes low,
Not always in harmony—
Crows that caw, peacocks that squawk.

Humans have their song too,
How alike yet different.

sadmother-800pxHumans sing a fluttering song,
Some are happy, some are sad,
Not always do they live—
Fear that prevents, hatred that hurts.

The bird song, the human song
How alike yet different.

Each have music in their lives,
Sometimes high, sometimes low,
Not always in harmony—
Lovers that hit, children that kill.

The human song, the bird song
How different yet alike.choir-in-purple-md

Humans can sing a merry tune
Within the heart of their being
Sometimes strong, sometimes weak
Not always at their peak—
Deep down inside, or just outside.


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