link Hey Dutchman Hunters!

This weekend, do some shopping with Old Snowbeard via the Arizona Digital Newspaper Program and advertisements found in The Phoenix Herald of the Arizona Territory for Friday, November 21, 1879.FrontPage Enjoy the adventure and let me know what you buy!

ShoeStoreGoing to a party? Do you need a new pair of boots? Ask T. Olson to make you a new pair. The perfect fit is guaranteed.

BookStoreAre you an avid reader? Check out Robert Clarke & Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their “valuable catalogues” are ideal for those living way out West. Besides, they “give special attention to mail orders…”

CarriagesPerhaps you struck it rich and want to buy a new vehicle. In that case, be sure to order one from Emerson, Fisher & Company. After all, their carriages are the best.

Maybe Old Snowbeard wants you to have the Lost Dutchman gold mine, or what’s left of it, because he’s taking his cache and buying a hotel. AssayersFirst, he has to go to Blake & Company Assayers to see if he has enough to purchase the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Florence, Pinal County.HotelforSale

FineDinningFinally, after a full day of shopping, why not treat yourself to a meal at Smith’s Restaurant. William Smith “is well-known throughout California as a first-class cook…”


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