Use it for good.

UseItForGood2Today I awoke to physical pain that increased with gravity throughout the morning routine. It got to a point that I felt the familiar tug of “Why me? Why do I suffer so? Is it my lot in life to be left on my own in a state of electrified static?”

Quieting myself, I went within seeking my inner strength that sparks beyond the finite. Thoughts came to mind.

Yes, I am weak and in pain. The more I struggle, the worse it gets. Be free of self-pity, it just is. What can I do about it now? It’s okay to pull back, take care of me. Channel the pain into usefulness. The energy from pain is powerful it need not be dark. It can be vibrant using dark hues highlighted with hope making a bright and colorful future. It just is, use it for good.

I post this for all who suffer from chronic pain. May your pain become a force for good.


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