Life is getting in the way

I took the photo at the Historic Deepwood Estate when I was in Salem, Oregon.

Lately I feel that life is getting in the way of my passion–creating. I have to stop and take care of myself. I miss posting on a daily basis, but know that if I do not nurture this body it will give out. I am so grateful for the means of expressing myself and finally feel that I am in the groove, in the zone; balanced.

Instead of berating myself over not creating regularly, I now ask why the anxiety. The answer is simple; my body needs time to recover. I forget that I have chronic diseases that slow me down. I am on a mission to get healthy and stay that way. It is working; my creativity flows as a result. Yet, the passion takes a back seat when it comes to nurturing my body so that it may heal.

I may not post on a daily basis, but that is okay. I consider it time off or medical leave. For the next few months, I may not post as much as I like, but know that I am still pursuing my passion and posting my art when able.


Any thoughts about this post or website?

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