Nico and Vanna

After a pause in writing due to circumstances beyond my control and the death of my mother, I am back to writing my next book with a working title of …

Nico & Vanna, an American Clan.

Possible Cover Photo

A fiction novel based on my parent’s stories will be approximately 90,000 words for about 360 manuscript pages.

The idea originated with a photo taken at my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary—a photo of an American Clan.

An American Clan

Both of my parents have a history of hardship and strife. My father is a WWII survivor from Croatia. My mother, from Pennsylvania, grew up with an alcoholic father. How the two met, married and created a clan full of personalities with a joy de vive in Colorado is an amazing tale.

Stay tuned for more of this writing adventure with tidbits and photos along the way.



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