Hey Dutchman Hunters!


Watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio made me wonder how the games were broadcast back in the Old West. There were no cell phones, Internet or television. This weekend, thanks to the Arizona Digital Newspaper Program and a bit of research, read news about the 1908 Olympics. Enjoy the adventure and the games!

On 07/21/1908, the Arizona Republican had a front page write-up shown here.

The Bisbee Daily Review did several days worth, all front page news.

This is July 15, 1908.

July 16, 1908.

July 17, 1908

July 21, 1908

July 22, 1908

On a final note, the Bisbee Daily Review for 9/23/1920 had an interesting photo.

In case you missed them, you can still watch previous Olympics.


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