My Mother’s Gifts

Today, September 13, 2016, is the anniversary of my mother’s death. The waves of grief no longer drown. Time does heal. Little things bring peace. Last night I dreamt we were hugging. She held me tight. I felt her love.

inscriptionThis morning I lit a candle and said a prayer, one from a book she gave me for Christmas 1996.

The book is Prayers for the Domestic Church: a Handbook for Worship in the Home.

prayerThe prayer, found on page 191, is “Prayer on the Anniversary of the Death of a Parent.”

featherAfterwards while sitting on the patio enjoying a cool breeze, my thoughts were interrupted by an object landing on the seat beside me. It was a feather, soft and gentle, a gift from my mom.

Yes, the little things bring peace. I will continue to enjoy my mother’s gifts.


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