Nico and Vanna, An American Clan

Possible Cover Photo
Possible Cover Photo

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Working Title: Nico and Vanna, an American Clan.

Type: Fiction, Family Saga.

Word Count: Approximately 90,000 words for 360 manuscript pages.

Premises/Take Away: In America, today a couple that celebrates their 60th Wedding Anniversary is a rare thing, especially when their history is rich in hardship and strife. The couple created a clan of six children and their spouses, eight grandchildren and one spouse, and three great-grandchildren. The American Clan is full of personalities, dysfunction and a joy de vive. How does a couple continue to thrive in this ever-changing country called the United States of America? Their love gives a brilliant example of how to endure the ups and downs of life together. Their history can give insight to future generations of the clan.