My Beloved Children

My heart goes out to victims of terrorism, their loved ones and all who suffer violence. Written shortly after September 11, 2001.

angel-1248812_1280My Beloved Children

I feel your sorrow and your pain.
I, through my son, have shed these tears.
In this time of fear and evil, know that I am here to help.
I dispatched my angels to join your forces, with blessed love that conquers hate.
Oh, how I hurt to see the choices my children make, but I give you all the same chance to choose.
When a choice is made for wrong, a thousand more are made for right.
Throughout the days ahead, please call on me; I can carry you through to the end.
accompaniment-1252559_1280My dear beloved children do not fear, I am here and have your loved ones.
Please dear children rest assured you are not alone in this fight against evil.
I will guide you on the path to home, where I will greet you with loving arms.
My dear beloved children come to me for comfort.
I love you. Stay strong.

Poem is Copyright©2001 Eleanor Mell


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