Hey Dutchman Hunters!

Dutchman Hunters Adventure
The Lost Dutchman Monument and the Superstitions

One of the places many Dutchman Hunters believe Old Snowbeard’s gold lies hidden is Weaver’s Needle. The legend began with the first set of Dutchman Hunters, Julia Thomas and the Petrasch brothers. Hermann Petrasch wrote to a friend that,

We began our search near Weaver’s Needle and the west side of Bluff Springs Mountain. The weather was so hot we spent most of the afternoons in the shade and did our searching during the early mornings. Old Jake had left Rhinehart and Julia many clues that placed the mine in the vicinity of Weaver’s Needle somewhere on the west side of Bluff Springs Mountain.

A dangerous place to hunt Old Snowbeard’s gold, treasure seekers continue to risk their lives around Weaver’s Needle. This weekend, take a tour from the air of this legendary monument thanks to Christopher Vedeler.

Enjoy the adventure and let me know what you find. 🙂


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