Hey Dutchman Hunters!

Dutchman Hunters Adventure
The Lost Dutchman Monument and the Superstitions

In my book, I talk about the gold stamp mill (aka: ore crusher) at the Superstition Mountain Museum in Apache Junction wondering what Old Snowbeard might think if he saw it.

Even the twenty-stamp ore crusher could cause him to shake his head in surprise.

There was another important mill in Old Snowbeard’s day, a flour mill. Flour was a vital ingredient used to feed prospectors and pioneers. This weekend, take a trip back to the Arizona Territory and the need for locally made flour via the Arizona Digital Newspaper Program and the …AZMinerFlour1

begins with … AZMinerFlour2

The Editor explains how “thousands of dollars” are spent annually to purchase flour and how,

The cost of living at present, in Central Arizona, is awfully steep.

Giving the logic behind the need, the Editor then states …AZMinerFlour3

Calling for “some of our enterprising citizens” to build a mill large enough to mass produce the flour, the Editor promises that …AZMinerFlour4The article ends with three things Central Arizona needs, one of which is a “flouring mill.”

I hope you enjoyed the adventure. 🙂

It is amazing to see the choices we are privileged to have in today’s market. Look at all the different types of flour available on Amazon.com.


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