Where am I?

Where am I? I’m changing, in a good way. Reconciling relationships with myself and others became top priority, for how can I live if I don’t know who I am?

Learning new skills to generate more revenue and help pay the bills, became a priority when I faced the facts of our situation. A necessary change I put off as long as I could for fear of losing my dream of writing.  The passion is still there but projects are on hold, I lost myself in the fear. Finding balance is the key.

Grieving the loss of my mom and mounting bills,  brought on darkness stifling creativity. I had feelings to work through over and over again. Cocooning from the world with love to warm the heart, helped change the inner core to bring on the strength to break free to the light.

I’m still struggling to break from the shell, but cracks are opening each day. This is a journey, a path I’ve traveled before, but the road is familiar, with less stumbling, tripping and falls.

So where have I been? On yet another adventure not of my choosing, yet it adds flavor to this life. I hope to share more as I travel through stopping to rest lest I fall along the way.

The shell is breaking, I thrve, simply changing, soon to fly.

Nico and Vanna are on their way, audio version of Hunting Old Snowbeard’s Gold may stay mute, products on Zazzle will come in spurts, videos take time a commodity so dear. Slowly but surely the creativity comes back, it’s a matter of rearranging priorities and trusting it will all work out for the good.

All I know now is I am inspired to write and post to my site. 🙂



Any thoughts about this post or website?

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