Anniversary of Jacob Waltz’ Death

Hunting Old Snowbeard's Gold; Searches for and Seekers of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine
Hunting Old Snowbeard’s Gold; Searches for and Seekers of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

The Phoenix Daily Herald of October 26, 1891,
reported that:

Jacob Waltz, aged 81 years died at 6 a.m. Sunday, October 25, 1891, and was buried at 10 o’clock this morning, from the residence of Mrs. J.E. Thomas, who had kindly nursed him through his last sickness. Deceased was a native of Germany and spent the last thirty years of his life in Arizona, mining part of the time, ranching and raising chickens. His honest, industrious, amiable character led Mrs. Thomas to care for him during his final days on earth, and he died with a blessing for her on his lips.

If you want to learn more about Jacob Waltz and his mysterious gold, read all about it in Hunting Old Snowbeard’s Gold. It’s a free read on Kindle this Saturday (10/21/17) and Sunday (10/22/17).

Enjoy the adventure. 🙂


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